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The only base defence campaign is that daily reaver target one, which after the 40th completion and small reward box, isn't worth the finger exercise of clicking it

It'll make a nice change of pace from all the regular fleet auto ones 

Maybe something along the lines of dreadnaughts first wave, then working way up to exterminators or hellswarms, or even the draconian equivalent like we use to have around 6 - 8 years ago

Just my two cents
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    I would way let the player continue waves of increasing difficulty level until their base is defeated and then the mission can no longer be continued for that day. Just set the payout proportional to the number of waves completed and not an all or nothing thing.

    If players have the option to continue until defeat or stop at any point for a relative payout then later waves could be made much more challenging without locking any players out of the campaign.
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