Suggestion for Kixeye: Player Rewards Program

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Just A Suggestion:

I have been playing this game for many years (almost since it's inception).
I have 5 kids, and can't afford to "COIN".
So as a veteran player, how is it fair for a newbie or newer player to come along and be able to COIN almost any fleet, items, resource or upgrade??
As a Veteran player that has been playing this game so long, it's aggravating! 

Kixeye, have you ever considered giving loyal Veteran Players that have kept this game alive any Perks?
We all have ID numbers, which possibly show how long each member has been playing.
You should consider setting up a rewards program.
The longer you play this game, the more free items, discounts, ect you get.
Make it worth while for us older folks on a budget, and level the playing-field as well.
It will give the newer players something to look forward to & keep them in the game.
That way, you still make money on the newer players, but still take care of the older ones for their loyalty. 
In my opinion, it's a Win-Win situation !

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  • Section Eight
    Section Eight
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    This will never happen.
  • randy.burrell.7
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    so  your  whining  cause  people  can  coin..get  a  second  job  if  this  crap  matters  that  much  to  you
  • bostonmike
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    Randy, I am NOT Whining, If you read the title, it is merely a SUGGESTION!  SMH...
  • paganPigWeed
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    good constructive suggestion, didn't we used to be able to earn coins? loyalty program would be good   
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