legendary units.

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it would be great if we could get our old favorite units back as legendary specials or semi uniqeus, such as legendary vanquishers, maybe even a legandary havac, i know that unit didnt see alot of use back in the day but maybe make it a flying tank with little to no dmg possibly around 600 mill health, that would really complement the dopplers, or legenday ryuki units such as the scorchers javloyns etc, it would be amazing to have more of a selection of pvp units instead of the ones that were givin to us, i know legendary devouts are use almost all the time to defend so i think it would be great to ad an old anti infantry unit like schorcher to the mix, or behemoth with a boat load of health, also i would like for all skins to be added to the gear store, not everyone is able to get them when they are out because they focus on other things.
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    I'm personally sick of seeing all these PvP Only Units, why not have Special PvE Units as well as. They could bring the Old 'Legacy' Units back up to date with new Stats and a PvE Bonus.
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    Legendary razorback that has two rows of missile and can hit land and air and upgrade missile turret to have two rows of Missiles 
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    i have an problem     i hvae unlock legendary titan but i cant find it in my platoons
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    i have an problem     i hvae unlock legendary titan but i cant find it in my platoons
    mis mz legand titan to cant find it anzmore

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