Saw factory broken again

Minor Nuisance
Joined Mar 2012 Posts: 139
Ok this is the third time, Saw Factory is broken again. Base has been nerfed and Baser fleet is crap. I guess Your trying to inspire Your players to stick it out? 
  • MillionDlrBil
    Joined Apr 2013 Posts: 2,674
    Please feel free to elaborate on your issues as I'm not seeing them in game. 
    There's been no nerfs, I believe you're speculating there. Perhaps you could look for assistance with your baser fleet as mine is awesome and based on the liveliness of base hitting right now I'm assuming the same can be said for many. It's looking pretty inspiring out there at the moment. 
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  • jack.manners.14
    Minor Nuisance
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    was it ever working? Spent millions on building saw then building Mines, they literally dont work hahahahaha, they do nothing, my diarrohea tablets were more fun 
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