Farming is getting too crazy

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Ok Kixeye, I have been with you since near the beginning, took 4 years off, came back around T6

due to whatever factors the devs are using (because they sure are not listening to players)
you seem to have gone on a power creep, all thru T9 as we head to T10

had 6 elite switches, they worked pretty good for farming
as you have come out with each new ship
the farming has become more and more painful

you call these newer fleets as being the same level, but that is a joke.

the newest 120s hit like 130s or even 140s for farming purposes

you should not be designing a fleet that almost MUST be farmed with a fleet of what you are farming for.

LAST event, I worked hard enough to get enough to get 7 broadsiders up to mk4
in between building the empty ships, crafting the upgrades, and refitting, I have 1 mk4 ready
in a WEEK (since I no longer coin)

the **** refits alone are almost 4 days EACH (not counting of course the additional time once refitting the mk6s)

the Elite Torus takes as much damage as some of the better T9 fleets because you have designed the fleets to be farmed so that the Torus is neutered.
so the one Uber Fleet has become less and less useful for farming.

Only the caustics can even take "reasonable" damage from farming the 119s and 121s needed for broadsiders.

so what I want to actually say is Thank You

because you folks have made this game such a PIA to farm, that I noticed I spent 1/2 as much time playing it the last few weeks.

And that showed me just how much of a time sink this game has become

your player numbers keep going down

because you took the fun out of the game

and if you keep it up, that will indeed kill this game, so you might want to listen to players before it gets to that point.

  • Daniel Pache
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    So true.
  • ViewSix
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    Welcome to vega. Kixeye have already banned alot of people who want the farming to be fixed. This ban is literally a flat "no" to that question. I take it as the grinding will get worse in t10. Kixeye have no intention on fixing this game.

  • Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef
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    crazy and boring, very very little players are doing FVF, caise it is all time farming, and farming and refit
  • Worthington 3.0
    Worthington 3.0
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    Sadly, there are just enough rich whales dumping $ into this game to keep it afloat.

    Seriously, this game has been on life support since General Grier was around.
    I return from exile!
  • duzertozer
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    sad and true. could be such a good game, but it has become way to much of a time commitment, and if you fall behind there is no way to catch up and no reason to play. on the bright side i don't waste so much time with this game anymore

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