When is tier 10 coming out?

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When is tier 10 arriving?
  • Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef
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    i hope, never
  • ViewSix
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    Dont look forward to it. Kixeye banned alot of players because they wanted a better game. I take them banning me and some others for posting feedback as a flat out "no" to if the bigger problems in the game will ever be fixed. The grinding will not be fixed, grinding will be harder, and the pvp will be even more straight forward than it already is. I noticed in the latest cm diary we got absolutely no info for t10, when diaries usually highlight upcoming content for this month and the next. They are making these posts useless, they already took away dev chats, ifs streams, dev diaries, and now they ban the people who simply want a better game. Sooner or later we will get no more cm diaries, no more tech spotlights, probably no more release notes. I give it a few months before the discord is shut down. Just, dont look forward to t10.

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