Those old days when it was all fun

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Hello Vega Players, here i am posting some cap, when the game was full of players and friends, hundreds of fleets fighting in the sector

I am posting these , cause a lot of the players around never saw it

Sadly, those times are gone =(


  • ViewSix
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    Games beyond repair at this point. And that is because kix have no intention on repairing it.

  • Real Swordfish
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    Thanks for sharing those pictures Daniel.  I sad reminder of how the game has changed..........
  • Banshee333
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    Wow great pics Daniel. They certainly were the good old days. Unfortunately that will never happen now. People login to hunt for mark ups and tech during event times. After all that farming people are spent. Events in the past used to be few and far between which was a good thing. When they were on it was exciting and the time inbetween people used to fight all the time.

    I remember being in a sector and the neighbouring sector decided to raid us. All different alliances not in coalitions just all deciding they wanted to come over and attack us. So we all formed a wall at the wormhole to their sector. Again the sector I was in all banded together. Hundreds of fleets on either side, different alliances all defending their sector. They were flooding in and we were hitting everyone. This was before civil war and alliance war was even thought of. These things used to just happen. I remember if you flew into another sector you'd be spotted and attacked 9 out of 10 times. These days you can fly about anywhere it's fine.

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