New Faction: Glory to Eldaron

Wrath of Ordis
Wrath of Ordis
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This is a basic overview for the Eldaron faction:

Lead by Aldaron the Elder and his sister Princess Eldara XIIth (12th). These space Elves have been watching us with a keen eye, from the Miner Rebellion to the Xeno Invasion, to fighting Keres herself and more, and now they wish to challenge you for a test of strength, and will share the designs for their ships with you should you accept this invitation. The faction's ships will be based on triangles - so different types of triangles will be what the ships be made of. The devs will choose the names for the ships, but one thing for sure, the Daedalus is their ultimate ship - a feared dreadnaught of immense firepower. This also introduces a new shop in the store, called "Eldaron Conglomerate" where you can get the latest tech at the cheapest of prices.

The invitation is in the Ansalon Star System, which is divided into three quadrants: Elnar, Valnar and Selnar. Whereby the faction fleets that you will challenge will spawn. The season introduces the Yunar Corvette (yeah... Corvette makes a return), but it could only be faction only and not available as a blueprint for the players. This ship is a UFO-esque and would be good for hit and runs if available as a blueprint. The Endar is the new spawner for this faction, whether multiple ships will use it, only the Eldaron knows and you to find out. The first weapon of the season will be the Indar - a projectile based AoE ball of pure kinetic energy, which is put onto the Indarius (the Titan / Cruiser ship).

As for the rest of the season, it will be all about triangles, and lots of fun, as this faction should be based around having some fun when farming, yeah? Kix, please make farming fun again.
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    I feel that I must and it is necessary to know how they will be, it is a necessity because I am not ready to face a new faction and I hope that with the invincible spectrum it can be easily achieved but it is something that attracts me to know how they will be ... I hope to see something before he can go back to battle.
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