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Why is it that Spectral Base Shields aren't being offered ? It is either Blight, Xeno, or Plasma but for several events not, these shields for bases has not been offered.. What gives?
  • Teyshan
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    Because there is only one way to kill a base these days and it's with the Arc Battleship's special energy weapon, which seems more like an exploit than a real strategy. Bases are completely broken and have been for years. Kixeye doesn't care.
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    yeah and kix devs dont care about you as a player if you coin they love you if your a normal player they dont care they always say they will pass it on to the right team. bases suck if your over 98 your a easy easy target for 1 solo arc to flatten you where as any base below using sentries is untouchable and kix hate us they dont care only want money if you have money to burn your fleets over n over to base a 96 base what crap is this. the game sticnks all down to pay pay pay no one in kixeye care about anyone but coiners. bases NEED ATTENTION not just a touch up to give recent tech but they need to release tech along side the ships keeping bases stronger than what is released and keep low level bases from even using tier 9 defence tech when you cannot use tier 9 ships to kill that base anyone wanna be a **** and say its easy to kill a 95 base thats using all level 3 sentries i want you to show VIDEO proof or even kixeye get your fking fingers out of your arses and show us how to base a level 95 base with level 3 sentries theres bases in the level 80s with the same level 3 sentries your all liars and dont care about your player base and kix never responds to complaints when they do its i hear you we will pass it on, complete liars.
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