Abslover one shot ares/adam!!!

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bug or this is how abslover works?
  • cragz
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    I just came back after a few years. Got the Absolvers and Penzance which are level 5 and I cant even do the Shadow Ops II bases because the whole platoons just get killed in 1 volley. The only bases I can take out are the older ones and thorium 1 - 4. Even level 5 thorium bases do massive damage to my toons. 

    With 3 hour platoon repair (even with a temporary +50% repair time boost) it makes the game seriously tedious. Its going to take weeks just to level them up above level 10.
  • Dominican Terror
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    The strength of units in the Go-Go bar check defenses are weak and should not influence you mind on actual strength of base or units.  
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