135 FMon Auto Inconsistent Repair Times

Paul Larkin
Paul Larkin
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What's up with Inconsistent repair times on Auto?
Autoed 3 different 135's with my Everests - 3 @ U2, 2 @ U0 and got 3 diff repair times...

1st 135 was 4:30 instant map repair
2nd 135 was 5mins 33s - Not instant map repair
3rd 135 was 10mins 
  • Piratekiller_BOB
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    Ship number 4 if on full auto sometimes will wonder off by itself! So best to line fleet up then full auto

  • Dopey_87
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    Sometimes antis dont always work consistently either (accuracy, flak evade, proj speed, etc), and that makes a difference... I've seen as much as a 5 min fluctuation in auto repair times and had same thoughts til i watched a few auto. Sometimes you dont shoot down as many incomings, sometimes a ship wanders off alone as stated before, and it gets spanked more than everyone else... RNG at its best

  • MillionDlrBil
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    RNGesus likes to play games, every time you enter a target consider it a roll of the dice. 
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