VXP Weekend With Nothing to Rank

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Title says it all.  Weekend sad and bored......  :(
    Minor Nuisance
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    We`ve just had 6 days raid. (All driving for me). If Kix stays consistent, next week you`ll have Bounty and either 1 or 2 premium TLC`s that will likely require driving and also FM for the new armours. The rest of the month doesnt get any less busy.
    Happy for you that you have no boats to rank (I dont either) but other pirates do.  I will be enjoying the quieter weekend and I know a good percentage of other players will be too.
  • Xevian
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    Be happy you have nothing to rank as many aren't even close on finishing Everest fleets let alone the Photons or anything else.  I'm happily just working on FM and waiting on Photon X1 upgrades, after I get the new armors I'm done with the FM this week.  It's good to have these breaks as it requires less seat time after a long raid.
  • Overball
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    yeap, think of all those tokens and resources getting lost every day without having to do anything. yeap for some this is the time they can rank something, especially if they got the hull after vxp last weekend. not every player has $100 dollars to spend every week.
  • carl.wear.3
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    Title says it all.  Weekend sad and bored......  :(
    Could use the targets to test ships on.
  • impossibru
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    Grab some defender tokens from the VXP targets..
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