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Hi Kixeye just wanted to say thanks for the fun over many years (Level 114 old black water days pirate) but unfortunately things have got a bit out of control with LIMITED STUFF etc and the fun has gone.

What started out as a fun game with great player interaction, and input was listened to.

Battle Pirates has now become a grind and virtually impossible to keep up with unless we open our wallets and invest some SERIOUS coin.

The days of spending maybe $20 a week to hurry up builds and then maybe double that for raids is well gone sadly.
  • Limited Hulls
  • Limited Turrets
  • Limited Armor
  • Limited Weapons
  • Limited Ship Specials
  • Limitations of what can go on which ship
  • Multiple levels of ship upgrades which need tokens and upgrade bits
  • Raids have become a grind and VERY time consuming
  • Ridiculous ship stats and abilities
  • Enormous ship build times even with the extra shipyard for the defenders etc
  • Weekly FM grind for old raid throw offs
  • Ships that require a stupid number of SHARDS to complete and then take 3 weeks to fully build
  • Ship Builds which if you don't get it right the first time you don't have time to refit
  • etc................
So once again thanks for the fun but I will be looking for another game which I can play without having to organise my life around it.


ANUBIS (aka Staffy_Man)
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