Firing arcs

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Could someone please tell me the firing arcs for the following weps:
Aftermath launcher
Armageddon scatter
Chimera Heavy Scat
Decimator cannon
Distortion launcher
Farsight Heavy cannon
Hellmouth Heavy thrower
Mongoose heavy rocket
Silver Strike uav

I also need to know what a telegraph reload is for weapon   

  • KrisK
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    • Aftermath Launcher: 360 degrees; does not require the H:T transformer
    • Armageddon Scattergun: 30 degrees
    • Chimera Heavy Scattergun: 30-60 degrees
    • Decimator Cannon: 60 degrees
    • Distortion Launcher: 30-60 degrees
    • Farsight Heavy Cannon: 30 degrees
    • Hellmouth Heavy Thrower: 30 degrees
    • Mongoose Heavy Rocket: 30 degrees
    • Silver Strike UAV Turret: 30 degrees
    Telegraph reload I believe was erroneously included, so just pay attention to the Reload Time stat.
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    telegraph reload refers to how often the firing arc appears to the enemy when his ship enters the firing area. 
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    Firing arcs are currently limited to heavy turrets. So
    Aftermath and Distortion Launchers are not heavy turrets, and have a 360° firing arc.

    It has been requested a few times for all heavy turrets to show the range in the stat block or on the blueprint, but until that happens, this is what they look like.
    Armageddon/Hellmouth/Mongoose all have an identical arc and that 60° has been confirmed.
    Chimera - 30° - it looks to be the same as the Downburst, which is known to be 30°.
    Decimator - 70° - this is an estimate, it is a tad wider than the Mongoose, but it definitely short of 90°.
    Farsight - 45° - this is an estimate, it is clearly more narrow than the Mongoose, but wider than the Downburst.
    Silver Strike - 90° - it lines up nicely with the grid lines, so if it isn't 90°, it is pretty darn close.
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