base halloween

Mannie Davide
Mannie Davide
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urgh this is really annoying to look at and only looked at it once. now i got to look at it for another few days... groan
  • l rufus l
    l rufus l
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    Agreed. Can we get a option to turn it back to blue water? The red is really off-putting. 
  • Sputnik001
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    Can you turn it off in my base please?? It hurts to look at it!!!!

    Why waste time on this when you have other more important things to fix...

    Like the LAG, and pages of HTML5 issues???!!!
  • Terry Charlton
    Terry Charlton
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    how can we turn this off its bloody awful

  • cman57
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    I kind of like it.  
  • johanna.sperber.1
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    seems someone has the menstrual cycle... its awful.
  • nowiamthemaster
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    LIke  love it i want some more of it  boo  rahhhhaaaaaa   stop complaining it is  awesome.
  • fulcrumer
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    it has also **** up the graphics - sort it

  • gypsyvixcent
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    Can we get this turned off ASAP? It's incredibly difficult to make things out, it's even worse for those with sight problems. REMOVE ASAP!!
  • jeff g
    jeff g
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    red marks the day bounty died and leached into our bases..kixeye never fails to disappoint me
  • fernando.thebull1
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    This is frigging annoying, not happy. Having trouble making things out. Are you guys on mushrooms?????
  • PChicken
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  • michaelg21
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    The land decorations are great. A little less of the water colored would be nice. Doesn't bother me that much though
  • DaMerlyn
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    I Like it!

  • chevyman36323
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    how bout putting kraken in the base so attackers can shot at him

  • Nasty Basstard
    Nasty Basstard
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    wrong colors for my neurological condition  
  • ian.berrington.5
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    Totally sucks! I dont even want to play, cant look at it too long. Bad idea

  • heat.miser.37
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    somebody puked inside my base.....

    Agree with bring back the Kracken!  That was something fun and amusing.

    This water change is way over the top.
  • blackheart300
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    Red Water come on it needs to go SOONER RATHER THAN LATER 

  • fernando.thebull1
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    Must be April Fools day, what a joke!
  • morten.b.christiansen.18
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    Try looking with some old 3-D glasses  , then it all make sense .... COOL......

  • Endo77
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    I liked in years past when they had the sea monster pop up in your base, but this red water, pumpkins, and spiders is pretty lame.
  • phil.rothwell.5
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    Pumkin patches really great.
    Red water not so.

    Like that you can spend the time on flipparies.
    Also Nice to see we have no choice.

    Would prefer you take down the damage in the TLC Photon targets..........
  • roman.dusanowsky
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    Can you guys make the Red water an option,  hurts my eyes and have difficulty playing.  I have on going issues with my eyes.
  • GrandPaSunshine
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    It sucks---need to replace the dumb *** who thought that was a good idea.!  Also not having weapons range indicators on turrets and ships during this bounty update sucks .  Doesn't anyone at least check this crap before putting it in play.  BTW red is one of the most dominant "trigger " colors for epileptics and a major "eye strain" color.
    When in doubt ATTACK
  • Tintin on the move
    Tintin on the move
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    i sent message and ask same thing to few of the employees on kix  discord and not one replied back to me,, i pay to play and it makes no sense they no listen to their paying costumers .guess they no want our money anymore 
  • Laredo
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    I just passed up a thread about the red water, they are aware.

  • CM_Ghillie
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    Hey folks, thanks for the feedback. 

    I think we'll look at doing something more subtle in the years to come -- I understand it was annoying for some folks, and didn't work well for some folks with red green colour blindness. Apologies for the issues, and thank you for your patience and understanding. 
    Battle Pirates Community Manager
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