A return to formation option

Potential Threat
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Good Day,

I seem to remember this topic coming up in the past, but I couldn't find it in a basic search.

Anyhow.  You start a battle in Box formation.

You get into a skirmish.

You click a button and the ships return to the Box Formation.  Not automatically, but based on their speed and turning ratios and acceleration rates and they can run into each other and so forth, but they move back together and more or less return to their initial Box formation.

If a ship has been destroyed, the spot is empty, they don't reform perfectly, they just move back to their initial spot.

The overall battle timer is still going on.  Enemy vessels are still doing whatever they are doing.

Anyhow, something to consider.

Thanks for reading this.
  • Chris Rowbottom
    Chris Rowbottom
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    yeah i have had to learn to micro the fleet and do it well and fast enough to not stir to many issues would be nice to have a formation button so the fleet will return to there formation on the otherhand for mobile users another button on screen can hinder them. does need looking into and how to implement it accross the board but would be helpful to have as could use it well in battles
  • Jesse Riding
    Jesse Riding
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    Would be nice. I'm on mobile and they add plenty of buttons for other things. What's one more?

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