Old Casual Collective Flash Games - What's going to happen to them?

Avian Geneticist
Avian Geneticist
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"Casual Collective? I haven't heard that name in a long, long time..."

Hi, I've just recently joined the Kixeye forums, but I've been around ever since the Casual Collective days. With the advent of flash being killed at the end of 2020, I just need to ask; Will the old CC archive ever be saved, or wil they just be left to, well... Pass on into memory?
Casual Collective's library of flash titles is an impressive one, and one I'd hate to see gone forever. If we could just get somekind of archive pack (a la ninja kiwi) I think there's people like me who'd pay money just to have a standalone steam release of the Casual Collective Classics.
  • Thane Mantis
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    I've heard some mentions around the web that some kind of emulator or other program could be made to let Flash games be run directly on your PC to try "archive" old flash games as it were. So maybe they'll be kept alive via that path.
    If not, well, I guess they'll be thrown onto the ash heap of history.
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    I recently heard that the OG Farmville on Facebook is getting canned at the end of 2020.
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