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I want to say ( so there is no misunderstandings ). I enjoy the game and I appreciate what fleets KE does give out.. but for Bounty recently, it annoyed me so much, that I chose to not really try it.  It just caused me extreme frustration..  So much that they is the pic of the amount of Bounty I have tried to keep on the base until it ends..
  • Paolo Magari
    Paolo Magari
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    It's true, the bounty is boring. Every month, i look the list of prize to see if it's worth taking part...
  • james.albers.50
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    its ok but they have the kix employee bases and they have to new ships in them. unless there giving there employees the ships before they are even available this is total bs. Bunch of cheating crap then they keep making them harder and harder and it's getting to the point it's not worth it to do bounty and almost not worth playing game anymore. once all lower levels quit then the whales won't want to fight other whales and game will die and kix letting it happen. not in it for the long haul just make money then ditch it/
  • DPR
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    Used to enjoy bounty myself could get 50-60k points and use it towards getting useful tech that i need to improve my game experience.

    Now im left with the decision of shards for hulls which will be useless by the time i get them or the tech my fleets need.

    While i understand the idea behind shards for these hulls what i dont understand is the crazy price increases in the tech.
  • Dale Madsen
    Dale Madsen
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    I used to hate and I MEAN HATE Bounty to the point where i had not played bounty in almost a year. An alliance mate should me a way to do Bounty and secure each and every time. Since then it has been 7 bounties straight , getting much needed prizes to help my base.  Do I get frustrated by all the hitting, sure as hell do, but his pointer has opened a part of the gam e that i had abandoned 
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