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Right now as it is rolling for crews sucks because it has turned into nothing more than a Uri suck. How about doubling the prices but instead of just one crew to select from, one on each side of the middle crew are also a possible selection. This way the player has a choice of one of three crews per roll. Updating of the crews is also needed as in that **** Lucky Bastard needs to be deleted since now the starting base lvl is 61. Of course this will only work if you don't jack with the probabilities of the crews hitting.(and yes, everyone knows you do jack with them for each event because it's too blatantly Remote Raiders, they went extinct as soon as the Zealots hit the scene, and I have never even seen a Bullseye Brigade in all the years I've been rolling)
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    I've been saying the same thing, crews are out of date I'd rather use up all my uranium to get a something I need then sit and roll for hours to get nothing. Grease monkey should come up more often and kixeye should drop the 60 coins to reuse them I will never spend 60 coins thats nuts. Rolling for a grease monkey, and remote raider is rigged lot of times when I;m rolling it will land on a grease money then roll over. 

    And why can't we use old build tokens from our inventory having 99 tokens that we can't and will never use is a joke. Upgrade tokens of ships that we have built and have scraped is a joke on the players. Yet we can just hold 2/2 build tokens from FM Right now I have upgrade tokens that I would love to use but i need more tokens to build my hull with out wanting for days to get them done. I don't see any point to get new hulls any more when i need to buy the build tokens  just to scrap them in a few months, Riot, Praetorian, Mutieens, Punisher MKII and alot of other fleets that have been given us are a waste after they are X-1 can't use anymore upgrade kits on them. I have chest that I pickup that I will not open because it will just give me more fleets  to scrap i'm over run with hulls now as soon as I scrap a few fleets kixeye gives them back. I rather have a fleet of X-1 then have 3 fleets of the same time no upgrades i just scrap them

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