Fifth Fortuna (M5 Imperator Dreadnought Targets)

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The M5 Imperator Dreadnought targets are now live! They're distinguished by their L160 tag, whereas the previous levels will continue to drop their respective fragments and will move to the Altairian DS sector, while these new L160 targets will spawn in both Residential and Altairian DS sectors. The M5 upgrade doesn't provide access to another slot on the ship, but it does adds 10% PL resistance to the Imperator, while boosting up its other stats and Overdrives. The M5 Imperator credit consumes 640,694,342 Ore and takes up 4D 3H of your time.

Each of the targets drop 6-10 M5 patterns. Each fleet now deals primarily Xeno/Alien damage, instead of assorted damage, depending on the targets. All the fleets remain the same in layout, but now, all the ships except the Orator, are now at M6.  Tread carefully and good luck!

  • The Altairian Friar target contains eleven M6 Artemises and one M4 Orator. The Hunt Drone from the Artemises can distract your weapon fire, so kill them quickly. This target is preferred for those who want to obtain fragments quickly.
  • The Altairan Bulwark target contains fourteen M6 Paragons and eight M6 Artemises. The Paragons could be a issue if you let them surround you and the Artemis can snipe you and pester you with their Hunt Drones. Prioritize the Artemises over the Paragons. This target is preferred for those who want a balance between the three targets.
  • The Altairian Cannoneer target contains nine M6 Zeuses and eight M6 Artemises. The Zeuses can be a significant threat, if you allow their Smite OD to trigger, which results in higher damage from their Glances. Kill the Zeuses first, then the Artemises. This target is preferred for those wanting to face fewer ships over time.

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    I really hope this ship proves to be useful well into T9 even though it's a T8 dreadnought because it's such an elegant ship. The team did an awesome job on the design and animation! 
    Because I like the Condor!
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    Its a mistake to not use spawners instead of overdrive drones on this dreadnought though. Because said drones aren't holding up well in today's meta. And once they instapop they wait the full 20 second flight time before respawning. Makes them more of a gimmick instead of an actual useful feature of the ship. One way to salvage that would be to make them respawn after 5 secs like spawners instead of the full 20 seconds.
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