Lost Devil Dog looking for a Home

The Outkast
The Outkast
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Joined Nov 2016 Posts: 67
In search of strong clan that is helpful to lower levels because a stronger player makes a stronger clan. Helps other members of clan when under attack, helps defend sector, is not afraid to say who they are allies with in fear of attack. Been playing this game since before there was a world map, had to start over couple times but have done well for myself. If anyone sees this or recruits from Forum like in old days give me a shout.  Semper Fi
  • Free Palestine XR
    Free Palestine XR
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    Joined Jun 2018 Posts: 27
    anyone need tag im ready 
    come to sector 62
    we are friend with www team (susq)  
    our tag name is (UN62)
    and call me pm if you want to join us
    and you were in UN62 if you want to come 
    call me on fb
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