I have not spent $50 so I cant get support...

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so the fact that I do not get pay outs for targets in the game, Uranium stuck at 284k when it has a capacity of 459k hit targets for an hour, RD does not give reductions for base hits when it says it does, bases that say they are worth medals dont pay out and the list goes on and on but hey pay us $50 so we can help you navigate the messed up mechanics of the game. I started this game years ago and simply quit but my freind recently talked me back in to trying again...oh but they gave you stuff to get caught up and they really changed the approach....well thats a crock of chit right there  lol ...I wouldnt spend a dime to play a game where things dont work. perhaps I just stick to a differnt game that has working mechnics!
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    Just a thought make sure your sector threat color is orange. Also if your base is hit by others doing R&D and win it adds to your r&d time. If the base is worth medals, to win medals you have to kill all 8 key buildings to win.                   

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    something isnt right somewhere, u sure warehouses are fully upgraded and buildings are upgraded to certain levels? targets not paying out are what? Uranium targets dont pay sqaut if sector is teal. Be more specific on what you believe is broke 
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    As far as the uranium is concerned, I suspect that is due to trying to hit the targets while your home sector is in threat level teal. Uranium targets only pay out peanuts at that point.

    The R&D time reduction is more that it is improperly showing that a base is eligible for a reduction. If you mouse over the icon and see that they are working on a lvl 7000+ research, it is something mega related and is not eligible for time exchanging. Same goes for if you are working on crafting a mega resource or vxp token. The other thing that seems to have broken at some point is that if you are more than 5 levels ahead of someone, you cannot take time from them. For some reason, if they are more than 5 levels below you it shows that they are worth 16 hours, but they aren't really worth anything.

    And as you mentioned recently returning, in case you weren't aware, the rules for base hitting have changed. Medals are no longer awarded based on the start system. It is all based on if the attacker destroys all of the key buildings or not. As the attacker you have to destroy the Outpost, Great Hall, Radio Tower, and all of the warehouses. If any of those buildings are left alive it is considered a failed hit for the attacker and the attacker might lose medals.
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