96 increased dmg ?

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during the first day i was able to do 96 with war fleet for 4 min dmg after perfecting the driving and tactics. Now  same tactics and fleet i am not able to do below 7  mins of dmg , tried and tried again and again.It is not major dmg not significant but enough to not be able to repair on map, must go to base and split in half after every frikin  96.ALways must be likme this KIX? Always  again and again dirty moves like this to mess with players? BS
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    I was able to get around 4min 50sec to 5min on 96 depending on lag. Stack the fleet properly before rushing in.
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    Note that the Piranha weapon, the Forgefire Thrower got a buff just as it was released to us in the store. They weren't as strong in the original Kix Rep bases as they are now and it's likely that you're getting more damage strip this time around then before. 

    This isn't a "dirty move" or a secret in fact as it was stamped across the top of the game in a message and announced on both Discord and here in the Forums, and it was done to make the ship more effective for us as players. 
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    Indeed, YES you get more damage. I recognized the same.
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    Closing thread as answered. 
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