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Hello pirates, I am just wondering which turrets are currently useful that do not require the H Transformer? I only have 5 of these & so far I have 1Farsight, 2 Tempest Launchers, 1 Thunderclap, 1 Thunderlord Mortar. I do have a Glacial Launcher, Wendigo, Aftermath + a bunch of Cerbs & Scatterguns in my base. Is anything else worth building that I don't need Transformer H for? Maybe something I can grab in the FM? How can I get more of the H Transformer blueprints? When I go to the FM prize list it says owned, so I think I have to wait for next FM? If so, how many can you redeem each week in the FM? I appreciate any help/direction as this is my biggest issue in game. I have lots of Heavy Turret blueprints redeemed, but no H Transformers :(  Sorry, lots of questions in 1 post lol
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    you can get 12 all together  , for te rest  use them for anti ore ice fields .

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    Honestly? Things besides HT transformers aren't very good. Drac Scatter 2 (or whatever the unlimited version is) and Ceberus might just be good enough to deal damage, but won't do a lot.
    Some utility turrets such as Cryo turrets, but not a lot of options

    To get more HTs, you need to wait until the next FM or pick some up in Bounty/Pillage if you can spare the points
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