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Dragon-Lady II
Dragon-Lady II
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Dear Kixeye,
Open note,  after 8 days, over 6 million in Uranium, hundreds of re-rolls... not one grease monkey. Yet Kixeye says they haven't change the GM. Used to get some every million. Anyone else having trouble getting them?
Dragon-Lady II
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    yes all the time
  • mrjaykrambeck
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    I get them from time to time. Seems like there's a switch or something when they want to give them out. I've actually had two in a row one time.
  • Dominatrix
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    i have issues rolling GM's , have rolled about 6 in 8 years, I roll everyday  and empty my Uranium  :( 
  • war-games
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    It's Rigged I used to hit remote raiders, silver salty dogs, silver junk yard dogs and grease monkeys all the time. but with new upgrade i really never hit anything. Most of the crews are old and out of date same as retrofit lab and tactical lab. Kixeye seems to have dropped the ball on game. What is this expeditions and foundry crap for it just taking up space and kixeye needs to fix the Build kits so the players know what they have and stop keeping us in the dark 
  • Dragon-Lady II
    Dragon-Lady II
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined May 2012 Posts: 193
    9th day 8 million yes I got one. ty

    Dragon-Lady II
  • nico-p
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    no problem here  :)

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