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Ok, Spend $50 or more and receive access to Support.

So, over $200 spent and no support, kix says I've not spent $50!

Now I spent over $200 via CC in the same month. So, the CC company have a duty of care and I'm starting to view this as a failure to provide a service I paid for. (This will be my THIRD attempt to rectify this with Kixeye, next stop CC company... Kix, do the right thing!)
So what gives?

Aside from this a chunk of that spend was for specific items such as fleet to catch up in the game, just as Kix gave them all away for Free!

To the person reviewing this post prior to publishing, Yes that's YOU, before you can the post  ;-), try passing it over to a support member and let's find out what's going on.
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