Anand Rao
Anand Rao
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Hi all,

I am resuming play since just earlier this week, after a hiatus of ~ 4 years. And so I'm using a healthy amount of Gold to try and come up to speed with where the game is at now (tier 8+). :#

Just last night, I purchased 349 coins at the login prompt for the game, at's BP page.
You can see this in the 1st screenshot below. 

Despite this, none of my 7 Zealots nor my single Devout Zealot reflected the Instant Upgrade All, but stayed at Upgrade Level U1, as shown in the next 2 screenshots. :'(:s

I logged out and logged back in, still no change! So I feel disappointed and cheated that coining did not give me the fleet I would have listed to use in the ongoing "Hold Fast" Raid.

Any thoughts / advice, please? Could this be related to building levels? To help troubleshoot, here are level details:
  • War Academy - 19
  • Outpost - 12
  • Weapons Lab - 15
  • Advanced Lab - 16
  • Naval Lab - 14
  • Retrofit Lab - 8
  • Dock - 15
  • Shipyard - 8
  • ConquestYard - 1
  • Great Hall - 1

Thank you, happy piracy! :D;)
- Andy

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