Getting annoyed regarding kix responses

William Bragg
William Bragg
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I had an issue that was never resolved regarding Sub upgrade tokens, I purchased 10 tokens and they never worked. I sent ticket and waited.....eventually I got pissed of and coined the upgrades. Response was what is the message when trying to use them and I told them there was no message. I was told to take screen shots etc and that they cant refund purchase bla bla bla. Seven years I was playing at that time. I had submitted 4 tickets ever.
Now i purchase mutineer upgrade tokens actually I bought 4 merciless and 10 mutineer. Inventory shows 14 merciless upgrade tokens and no mutineer tokens. I send ticked 3 days no response. I try to use the mutineer upgrade tokens and again they don't work and now the night of the raid I purchased the u3 upgrade package. Now the tokens are no good for anything. I have again reached out and no response.
I have played for 8 years at this point and I coin, not huge but over 100 a month to be sure. I am really becoming dissatisfied with the game and I really think it is time to sail off.
Anyway thanks for allowing my rant.
  • ialsokika
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    At least you got some Support, I've spent $200 and nothing. No access to support at all!!

    Hopefully like me you paid via CC, if so put a claim into the CC company for mis-selling/lack of paid for support etc.. whatever they deem fit to further the claim.

    I wouldn't mind, simple issues to resolve but they seem to want to be ****.
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