Minor Nuisance
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I want to thank Kixeye that after 10 years you managed to kill the game.People are selling thier accounts every day.And we all know the reason why.Continues DC,Frozen screen extrem lag and that is every day and i know if all else failes blame it on the computer or internet never is your fault is it? Gold prizes going up PVP repair prize going up.No Balance in the game either bases are just to hard or toons to strong. On top of that we got the "Glitches"Toons not moving in a base and the double attack on a base.And what is done about it?Nada slich nothing. I mean how can you defend when 2 people attack you same time?And its been going on for month.So yes Kixeye Congratuation for killing of War commander esp PVP.
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