Bad Lag on 906

Strike-force Captain
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i was just seeing how many other people are having trouble with lag on the 906 I can do 116 and 114 with out much trouble my FPS stays around 27 to 32 but my FPS drops down between 2 and 12 in a 906 I sent in tickets about it but am getting the run around on my tickets. Something else has the remote raider not launch right first one i used i had a lot of drones later i used a new one and my drones did not launch i would need to retreat and then go back in target for them to work sometimes
  • banksy1972
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    I got the same trouble with drones not launching and was told I had to target something or hit on auto to let them target something. i WAS on auto but we just get brushed aside. That's the way it is lately, even more so than it used to be :(
  • Pirate.Pete
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    This is the most disgusting event in the history of this sorry company.   Lag is severe in the 906 targets to the point of having minimal control over one's fleet.   Lag is bad in the 116 target but not so bad as in the 906.

    Submitting a ticket on the matter is an exercise in futility as the company lackeys are in a blissful state of denial.

    Shame on you Kixeye!   Absolutely disgusting.
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