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Kris Jeez
Kris Jeez
Joined Apr 2020 Posts: 1

I cannot login in my war commander rogue assault account. I have level 65. I start app and I have level 1. I'm trying to contact support but there is a message my email is on another help center or something like that. Dead circle. How can I Contact support?? I Want my acc back.

  • beni ranjo
    beni ranjo
    Joined Apr 2020 Posts: 2

    I cant play war commander rogue assault. I just reach level 25, whn i receive info bout war zone. I follow the intruction. I got directed to war zone map. Then there is instruction "Tap to continue" i tapped it, but it wont worked. I got stuck and i cant return or leave the map. I tried to uninstaled and instaled it again and tried to play the game, but whn i already login, the instruction to click the map appears again and i got stuck again. Wht happen with the game. Why is this happen? Fix it

  • dennis.jackson.1804
    Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 2
    EASY, 0BLIV, 25890,345 attacked my base 1 day 3 hrs ago, now some timers do not work and some f my tabs.  Maybe a cheat, maybe not?
  • Felix Leiva
    Felix Leiva
    Joined Nov 2019 Posts: 2

    I want to know the reason why you cannot enter my game

  • Joey Porras84
    Joey Porras84
    Joined May 2020 Posts: 1

    I vant retrieve my wrca account. I badly needed help. My player id is6580c1ad8840fec5

  • briscoemarines
    Joined Nov 2012 Posts: 4
    WTF? not monitoring reporting cheaters? I created a ticket and this was the email response. Does SPARTAN ID 31945274 work for Kixeye? This guy using the same platoon attacking every player on my team.

    Dear Player,

    Your message has reached an unattended mailbox.


    If you have a question or are in need of assistance, please visit our

    support site at or our Forums at, where you will find game play strategy

    and answers to some frequently asked questions.


    If you are replying to an existing support ticket and have received

    this message, you may have deleted the key that our system needs in

    order to route your ticket properly. Please look at the last email

    sent to you by KIXEYE and it should have a line that reads:


    "Please do not remove this line:" followed by a string of alphanumeric



    Make sure that when you reply back to us that line is included.



    KIXEYE Customer Support

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