FM parts not in balance

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why is there only one HT transformer available and around 9 turrets all requiring HT transformers. Defeats the object of having all those base weapons in FM
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    Blackbeard III
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    First up, I think it's awesome that tech has been dropped into the FM. Upgrade tokens for hulls like, hmm, the Praetorian, or raid hull in flavour (& kits) would be nice, but meh, maybe next month they may just shock the player base a bit.. 
    As I have my HT collection already sorted, can you advise me the redeem cap per week on these ones? I understand they're not cheap, but certainly grind-able.
    There's Pillage & raids also, & Bounty for HTs.. Sure, you might not be able to attend all events, but one of them surely, plus now the FM, it won't take long to fill your collection also?
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