Part Payouts on Bases

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Please vary up the payout Wins to make it more exciting and random for players. 4,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 etc etc, this is just ridiculous for every unit that comes out.
  • Cpt.MarvelsExHusband
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    The bases are taking 30 seconds

    Lol..... Today maybe not the right day to complain

  • TheParagon
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    you should have to grind for something you want 40 bases isn't much at all. And besides, today a glitch just "gifted" us a free Elite Ares. these bases take around 1 minute to do with zero repairs. That's an hour at max for the new Elite ShOps unit that is not even released yet. Get your life together and quit whining.
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  • warren.brackett.56
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    I always laugh when I see the word "glitch".  Programmers word for "I f ***** up."  That base is doing exactly what it is coded to do.  Maybe not what Kix wanted, but thats between management and coders.  Test it before releasing it, you know, QA/QC.  I would hit an Omega base with a buggie if it let me and wouldn't feel bad about it.
  • Perry299
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    17 seconds per base , No Damage..... Nobody should need parts after today.

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