Solar Reinforcements

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Any chance of re - releasing this old armour again? ....many of us missed out on it. It can help us with the Base Power issues we are all having atm. Thanks. 
  • Ser_Gregor_Clegane
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    Maybe they could release an updated version of it? It only produces 50 power. If fitted to 24 turrets, that only gives enough just to power a single D5* base armour.
    Yes, you could fit to other buildings, but again, the actual net increase is very small. It wouldn't even total 1% of total base power capacity if fitted to everything.

    & yes, I do foresee issues with power in the future-I estimate in the next 3-4 months, this is going to become a major concern for many players.

    I tried to address that in another post, sadly I was mistaken to believe that there would be an increase in base power, plus turret power supply.
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    I agree Ser_Gregor_Clegane Why not make them 1250+ power each at least they would be worth considering, the idea in principle is sound.
  • Kixwarrier BM
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    Indeed I agree with Barabbas:
    Solar Reinforcements or some new weapon for Base Power increasement would be helpful.

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