Stack Multiple XP Combo Boost did not work during most of the event

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For the whole event until maybe a couple hours to go today, I got 120K, 120K, 120K, 840K for 1.2 Million total for every single 4 bases I cleared.  Nothing ever stacked until the last 2 hours of the event... then I was getting double, then triple.  Did anyone else see this?  I'm thinking I missed out on a ton of XP.
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    so sorry to read this

    mine worked fine, and even the gold boost stacked on all of them
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    Yes it did.  It had a timer on it as well in case you missed it.  Had you looked at the left side of your screen where the active boost icon appears you would have seen it.  It tells you how much the boost is and how long is left.
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