Alan... Good/Bad... For event or in general?

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Anyone have the 411 on Alan.  Wondering if he would be useful in event or not.
  • Ulrich Wastian
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    1.5 mil xp is not exactly little, in addition one needs a large amount of xp for tech and tokens ... and then this event ... rather bad cards!

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  • DisclosedBarrel
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    I find him quick and durable, just lacking damage and a bit space heavy. Wouldn't think too much about the tokens; they just increase his damage.
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  • lolwut1337
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    At level 1 he isn't any special. Almost identical dps as a level  20 excavator.

    But since he gains massive dps boost every level, might be worth something at level 5. 
    Will check that out after 16 hours when the tech center finishes upgrading.
  • Freakingusername
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    I tested a fully teched lvl 5 alan in the showdown aand he's pretty good. I think he shines more against uniques

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    Not bad, he has something to offer.

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    Bravo lolwut1337, nicely done

  • nametagg0
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    he is immune to shock and scramble where normal excavators arnt which is nice,

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