Kixeye fix the upgrades in dock

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I have two fleets of Praetorian some are U-2  some are U-1 and others are stock they are in three places same as a lot of my other ships. put them all together all 10 hulls no matter what upgrade they are they should all be in the same place  
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    What are you talking about?

    Makes no sense. Why don't you sort them out?

    You expect Kix to go into your base & carefully select each hull to go to x position? Can't you do that yourself?
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    it does make sense to put them all together in on spot when i go to find them to put them in to launch i have them in three places in the beginning in the middle and the end seem to me that a u-3 hull and a U-2 hull should be in the same place in dock 

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    each ship upgrades individually unless you purchase the upgrade specials which say All in the description somewhere. I purchased the pretorian upgrade special for 399 gold and was able to upgrade all my normal pretorians at one time, and the left side of that special deal was to completely upgrade the pretorian flag.  Otherwise you have to upgrade ships one at a time like a refit.
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    I believe the OP is talking about the order of unelected ships, not upgrades and not which position in the fleet. In a blank ship position, say the flag slot1, when you go to select a ship to assign in that spot, the available ships are sorted by upgrade level. A U3 Praet is far to the left (you'll come to it 1st), then you may see the U2 Pun MK2, then U2 Riot, then your next Praet @ U2, then U1 Riot, then your next Praet @ U1, IF your working ships are at diff upgrade levels they are not next 2 ea other for selecting. Not an issue 4 me, as I don't mind it, but OP is requesting like ships are all grouped together in same spot, regardless of upgrade lvl when assigning them.

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