Blueprints for Praetorian Ship Builds

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I have scoured the different prizes for blueprints to buy with my points I earn playing your games. I have also looked in my inventories for such blueprints in order to use them when beginning to build a new ship. I can't seem to find them: Sprint Countermeasures - 60, Hydro-Atomizer Nozzle - Tier 7, Hyper3D Installation, Penetrative Sinc Drive, Impulse Launcher D-99F, Anti Launcher D-99u, and Atom Absorption System.
Can you please tell me how to find these items and get them??? I tried to submit my question to the Discord Group but didn't get any replies/suggestions.
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    The weapons you're looking for aren't recommended for Praetorians, but those are usually found in monthly raids, and sometimes Bounty.
    Edit: I forgot to mention that the antipode launcher D99-U can be found in the level 132 target of the Forsaken Mission, but I should mention that it drops shards rather than the whole weapon at once.
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    As mentioned above though, I would not recommend launchers for Praetorians. They are rocket based ships and intended to be used with the Pilum Rockets.

    At a glance it looks like those prints are all available as prizes during Pillage. 
    Penetrative Sync Drive can be picked up weekly in the Forsaken Mission.
    Hydro Atomizer Nozzle is not currently available anywhere that I am aware of.

    All of the prints you are asking for are typically only found in event prize stores, or time limited campaign prize packs.
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