Allow Turret Upgrades While Buildings Are Upgrading

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This should be allowed to be able to keep your bases defenses up with the rapid changing fleets.  Defense platforms should be able to be changed upgraded just as easy as fleets can be refitted.   So please consider this.  This has always been one of the things that turns me off about this game.  I know technically they are buildings but they should not be counted as such. 

  • Nitroxxx
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    use base parts to upgrade turrets anytime!! that would be great.

  • Moon Pie
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    That would remove a game bottleneck. Kixeye purposely designs bottlenecks within the game to encourage players to quicken the pace by spending money. They aren't a non-profit.
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    L10 turrets used to take around 10 days, now they're a day & change
    I still have some L9s, just doing OP-12 atm, then dock, THEN I'll finish the turrets.

    It's honestly not as bad as you think--& as another said, you can use base parts (to L9 turrets)
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    every thing should be allowed to be built at same time if you have the rez you need then build it  game is getting sooo boring waiting for things to build not even playing battles anymore, farm ville on water....does anyone from kixeye even read what player post anymore...or did they ever? 
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