Ship tier questions for returning player

Joined Mar 2020 Posts: 3
I've started playing again, last time I was active Xeno was just getting started.  I was able to complete the Campaigns and have all the Xeno blueprints, but am debating what I should do next.  
As I understand the faction tiers, tier 7 is Xeno, AXIS, and Marauder.  Should I spend time farming AXIS and Marauder blueprints and building their ships?  Or are they as good as Xeno and I should build up my Xeno fleets before moving on to the tier 8 areas?  Right now the tier 8 events kick my ****, so I need to build up a bit first.  Just unsure if I should be Xeno or spend a few months farming AXIS/Marauder?  Thanks much.
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