The Sons of Kronos

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TOC (use the control+F keyboard command and type the teal words to skip to the part you want)
Tunes-playlist of songs selected to set the mood when fighting this force
History of hell-story of the helhound faction
Traits-faction traits of the hellhounds
Hellhound Legacy-units created by the hellhounds prior to factions era
Factions-factions era units
Buildings- self explanitory
Effective countermeasures- the general gist of what does and doesnt work against hellhounds

History of Hell

The HellHounds started soon after the collapse as a group of survivors hoping to restore humanity back to before the collapse.

this would soon change however during Operation:Shockwave when Kronos takes control of the HellHounds following their discovery of pre-war weapons, giving them access to shock technology before any other faction on the world map

under Kronos' leadership the hopes of the HellHounds turn to a cultish following of the old world's technology; while also increasing in ideological militarism by actively training troops for electro and gurilla warfare.

after securing his control over the hellhounds Kronos begin speaking with the leader of the armored corps to mix the infantry and anti vehicle capabilities of the HellHounds and the vehicle production ability of the Armored Corps to rapidly expand both factions; however while many of their veterans are put into elite soldier programs; being that their armies are primarily mass produced they lack the quality to defeat the battle hardened forces of the commander in a front on engagement and are beaten back despite victories elsewhere on the map in Operation:Crossfire

this defeat humiliates Kronos causing the HellHounds to improve the quality of HellHound equipment and begin the search for more pre-war technology
eventually after months of scavenging their boarders for anything they could the HellHounds discover a cache of hovertech and oldworld satellite communication remnants.  
this culminates into Operation:Devil's Grip where HellHound forces are bolstered by Valkyries with improved technology over other factions, the hover tank, and communications spires allowing HellHounds to greatly improve their range of influence as they build spires across the map, naturally many of these fell into the commander's control and the HellHounds were beaten back into being a minor nuisance reduced to raiding parties traveling from another sector in the hopes of establishing a foothold.

over time the HellHounds would come to meet the Free Forces Coalition while the merc group was developing an improved titan from the scraps of Sasha's older works, impressed by the machine the HellHounds steal the prototype and finish it's development for their own use. with their new found toy Hellhound raids violently shift in frequency in the sector as the Omega Titan decimates Free Forces and Survivor bases.  in Operation:Omega

due to the HellHounds no longer using a conventional strategy and are simply a nomadic fortress sieging everything in their path that doesn't submit to them the Commander,Survivors, and free forces are forced to change their tactics in order to hunt down the HellHound pack whilst they carry away wreckage to an unknown location through Operation:Stormfront

After 2 months of hunting the Commander finds the Hellhound's primary fortress and lays siege to bring down both it and the Omega Titan once again forcing the hellhounds out of the sector in Operation:Dogs of War

with the omega titan dead and Kronos dead the hellhounds are once again dealt a crippling blow and are left to wander the wastelands in search of scraps.

eventually they would return to the site of the omega Titan's crash to reclaim kronos' body,it is here that one of their more influential members would take the mask of kronos and turn it into a title marking the leader of the hellhounds rather than just a man, it is under this new Kronos' leadership that the hellhounds would begin to work with [story link not revealed] and Arctech to [also unclear],
 however when the leader of Archtech saw how the hellhounds were using electricity he broke off from their alliance stealing a high value prototype, taking on the name "Stormchaser", this caused the conflicts in operations thunderstorm, storm's eye,and stormchaser, as the hellhounds are forced to invade the sector once more in search of stormchaser as he allies with the survivors and corpus through Skipjack,RUBI, and Leonard.
however in this manhunt the second kronos is slain, forcing the hellhounds to retreat without stormchaser.

Hell-hound buildings do not create last stand defenders, making them immune to plague and busted.

Hellhound Legacy:

Shock Trooper
basic support units to apply the shock effect to a single target in the case of the trooper of clustered units in the case of the tank

Hover Tank
first tank with move and shoot, immunity to mines, and the ability to hit both ground and air.

 A highly customization unit capable of changing what its resistant from and what its damage type is however their area damage is least effective due to the hellhound's inherit weakness to area

The Omega Titan
is a large aircraft that can spawn up to 24 drones, it also has a heavy missile barrage and laser cannon equipped to the main ship, however targeting the main ship should be able to result in a quick victory, especially if done by technicals or hades, or sharpshooters

Old Boss:

can shoot air
has moderate damage
evolves at 75% health
slow rate of fire

weak to high health units

Badass Kronos
does slightly more damage in this state
otherwise the same



~500 range
Burst Damage type
the main infantry of Modern hellhounds, it is only able to hit ground units but can engage 6 targets at once and apply the shock status effect,  but have relatively low health

best to engage these with light vehicles and infantry as they are immune to shock and thus are able to dispatch them with relative ease

Status effects:
Vulnerable to:napalm,corrosion, turncoat,smoked, and marked
Immune to: cryo,concussion and plague (and shock/scramble)

Burst Damage type
The Hellhound Anti-air Trooper that uses a single target laser that discharges after ~1-2 seconds of charging up.

Status effects:
Vulnerable to:napalm,corrosion, turncoat,smoked, and marked
Immune to: cryo,concussion and plague (and shock/scramble)


~710 range anti-ground artillery tank that disables Darkstorm aura in a manor similar to the lights on Spec Op.
Area Damage type

after hitting an area the projectile will leave behind an AOE for 1 or 2 seconds that deals damage to whatever is standing in it aswell as applying the shock status effect.

of the four units weve encountered so far this is by far the most dangerous as sustained fire from a harvester can deal significant damage, if possible engage with air or scramble.

It's projectiles can also be dodged with a speed of 4+ so while not ideal it can be engaged from the ground aswell

Status effects:
Vulnerable to: corrosion,marked,smoked,turncoat,cryo,napalm.
Immune to: concussion,shock, scramble



~500 range
Targets ground and air
Burst Damage type
The Hellhound main aircraft that targets up to 6 ground units and applies shock similar to the surge but this one flies.

it is notable that vortexes do generally a lot more damage than a surge does and are thus the most threatening unit in this faction

Status effects:
Vulnerable to: napalm,marked,turncoat,scramble
Immune to: cryo,smoked,concusion,plague,

Boss Units:
Kronos (NEW):

just a tank, he moves fast but doesn't do much else.



floaty pylon things

Hellhound Command Centers.

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    Effective countermeasures

    Generally hit and run tactics will overpower most hellhound bases as their charge times mean they simply cant touch your units, infantry are also effective as they are usually immune to shock and have high enough numbers that the multi targeting generally is only an inconvinience, 

    Air is also pretty strong as they are pretty mobile and hellhounds arnt vary well equiped to handle that, 

    with those being pretty much a constant for now most units marked as safe are generally just because 
    1-their immune to shock
    2-they are fast enough that they cant get hit anyway. so those units will all be clumped up to make this hopefully an easier read.


    Romero-main force- due to a mix of high health and speed romero is good at either avoiding damage thrown out by hellhounds by leabing before their attacks are charged or by tanking it because their relatively low damage doesnt really hurt him too much.
    Skipjack-support-with a low capacity and at level 6 no longer being a hero skipjack's corrosion is useful for boosting the damage of other units in your platoon
    Gunship+Dennis-kiting unit- the movement of gunship style fixed wing movements mean that they are able to run circles around hellhounds fairly quickly and damage many of the hellhound units in a short amount of time allowing them to distract their AA while other units operate nearby
    Sharpshooter+Malcolm-long range/elemental support-because they generally have longer ranges than hellhounds they are good at slowly withering the enemy from behind other units
    Controller-long range support- with longer range than most hellhound forces
    Mikey-elemental support- with the ability to scramble and corrode mikey can both disable and decrease the time to kill any enemy in the hellhound faction.
    Siege Squadron-air support- because the siege never stops lightning and vortex have a hard time keeping track of the siege allowing it to deploy ravagers with little to no concern.
    Destroyer-glass cannon-because it attracts most the damage from the enemy it's health is consistently at risk and is best served after an excavator that detracts the enemy. 
    Technicals+Kyle-kiting unit-move and shoot and corrosion mean that the time to kill a hellhound usually is pretty low and with vary little risk as long as you kite your target.

    Detonators-using it kills it so generally its better to only use them if you have an academy that gives them a quick repair time
    Roland+Hammer- need shock tech but are otherwise ok, however watch vortexes
    Excavators-good as tanks however will get shocked, use them to destract everything so that other units dont have to get shot
    Ravagers-they are pretty hurt by harvesters but will ultimately swarm other units in hellhounds
    Rick-he is a suicide bomber
    War Rig-best as a melee unit so it gets a lot of the damage before other units.
    Chopper Company- vortexes attacking the chopper can wear on it over time so best to take them out before engaging other hellhounds
    Ace-they take a lot of damage form lightnings so are best saved until after another unit has dealt with them or when they are able to quickly hit and run them.


    Phalanx,Andrew, and Hermes-main unit- move and shoot units that can quickly move in and out of fire which makes them difficult for hellhounds to combat, especially so if hermes have scramble.
    Manticore-Air support-Lightnings dont do much damage to these but it is capable of erasing infantry which makes it useful for helhounds
    Drakon+Santiago+Spartan+luke- long range support- as they arnt as threatened as being disabled as vehicles they are pretty good at hiding behind other units and causing damage from
    Sphinx+Neil-skirmisher- sphinx are pretty good
    Fury+Nyx-hit and run- fast enough to shoot at things then run away before getting shot back
    Escort+Braden-main force- their high damage in groups and their status as a flying infantry lets them either avoid or overwhelm most HH units
    Oren-long range support-he las longer range than most HH units so at max level his high range can be used to pressure HH forces
    Polly-elemental support-stealth and scramble makes it difficult for hellhounds to cmbat

    HIVE (and drones) -sheild- because of the HIVE's ability to launch its drones away form itself fire manages to be shifted from near it to not near it which is good for not getting shot at.
    Nova-because HH units dont have much health individually novas are able to pretty quickly deal with fairly large numbers of them
    Kraken-it hits a lot at once while being a sneaky boi.
    Blackout-because its drones cant be hit you can manage to get it to artillery strike some things as a supportive unit on the side.

    Darkstorm-harvesters have the ability to disable a darkstorm aura making it important to keep an eye on where your ds is located.

    Cerberus+Leonard- Cerb drones are stunnable so while they can go at it alone against hellhounds its probably better to bring 2 at the same time so that the number of drones is higher than the number of targets hellhounds can hit at once

    Cyclopse,Ogers, - both of these units are susceptible to shock  so while they arnt in major danger it is important to keep an eye on them to ensure they arnt disabled.

    Apollo- as a slower aircraft and with concussion not working these arnt as effective against helllhound infantry as they are other faction's infantry.
    Artimis,Hades,and Pegasus, they cannot hit ground so it is important to pair them with something that can.

    Sentry+Laura+devout+absolver-main forces- because the hellhounds have a pretty low damage on average besides the vortex these units are able to show off their high resistances and high natural damage.
    Nick-glass cannon- hell wipe out a lot of the hellhound stuff but will need to stand behind a tank or infantry.
    Envoy+Martin-air support-since most hellhounds cant hit air envoys are able to get away with a lot.
    Dylan-???- ive not tested with dylan but I would assume his armored up mode makes him hard to kill.

    Juggernaut-heavy support- because of its high damage
    Prophet-sniper- not as easy to use against hellhounds but is useful to use outlaying walls or units to hit things further in the base.
    Herald/Shephard-air tank- both are pretty tough high altitude units which are things that hellhounds dont deal with vary well, only other detail of note is that the shepherd is able to kill the HH infantry outright at their lower levels but will turncoat them at higher levels.


    vehicles marked as yellow are all only listed that way as they are able to be shocked by the surge, however if you ally to sentinels then they should all be fine as long as you keep units that arnt tanks such an overseer behind a tank like ardre or a annihilator, 

    Tanks for sentinels often dont have the ability to target aircraft aswell so support from the infantry that can is also something to note for sentinels as vortex will eventually wear them down otherwise.

    Chaplains however are marked as they are short range meaning they will be taking a lot of flak from the hellhounds so they will need to be careful.

    Caretakers should also note that they cannot prevent shock from being allied to their allies.

    Useful ops and table of elements

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    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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