another dock

You need to allow us another dock,we can only build 1 ship at a time and when that takes 28 days it is too long,allow us to repair more fleets at 1 time and build 2 ships at once or drastically reduce times to build ships...thank you
  • Claddagh66
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    I would have to agree with this. It takes too long to build and upgrade things. It makes no sense at all when you are playing to win. There are too many add ons also to make a ship great. Adding days of time to building it is ridiculous. I am a beginner and I can't even spend my money right now because I am waiting a week or more to do something. What is the point in that?

  • halo8381
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    i agree we dont have the time to build a fleet never mind 2 fleets before you bring out 2 more new fleets. i am just starting to get back in to the game but i am wondering if it is worth the hassle of trying to get back into it.

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    Something else they Kixeye needs to do is put the build kits where we can see them. In the Tokens lab there is a empty spot under Special that has nothing in it that would be a great place to put upgrade kits. I sick of trying to upgrade hulls and go to do it and i don't have the upgrade kits to build it. If we have a way to where we can see what we have and what we don't have. we can plan ahead 
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