Returning player

Hello there

I'm a returning player after a pause of 2-3 years.
I have some fleets (Fusions Cruiser, Interceptors and Tiger Sharks) that worked in the past.
What should i focus on now to get in the game again?
I already upgraded my shipyard to level 6 and pleased to see the ship building time can be shortened...

Thanks in advance for you advice(s).

  • And i just got a fleet of Praetorians for free somehow ...
  • ThePirateGamer
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    as a returning player welcome back
    fleets to have at the moment is the 
    dragoons and the new punisher mk2 good for base parts aswhile as the current raid cycle is also seige based
    batrays and riots good for urainium
    pegaus and saturns titatium
    praetorians are good for fm

  • British_Bulldog89
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    also you wont have long but they gave out 5million free points this raid, not long left on redemption period but you could even claim the punisher mk2 and build some blanks then grab the weapon in pillage. not ideal i know but just a thought, fm is definitely your go to for now to catch up
  • Heartless_Scat
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    Kixeye will not get any funds from me until the base hitting is revamp otherwise stay broke
  • Eli Farmer
    Eli Farmer
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    im a returning player after about 2 yrs i researched a thing called rampart but idk how oor what i need to build it can sum1 help me plse ?

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