War Commander, Siddy3382, Operation: Chaos Apocalypse Event End Live Stream.

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War Commander, Siddy3382, Operation: Chaos Apocalypse Event End Live Stream.

I would love to know you're thoughts on the latest event we had to offer from Kixeye, Operation Chaos Apocalypse... 
Was it easy, hard or just right?

How you fee about the newest unit "The Gorgon" 
My biggest concern is Kixeye feel that 2 and 1/2 platoons was they way to make people play more. 
My answer is the same as it will be forever: Its another grind fest from Kixeye.
There is no fun in having to grind out god knows how many run troughs to obtain max build of these units. 
They always seem to miss the mark when trying to make the game fun, enjoyable, entertainment.
P.S. don't forget to fill out the surveys at the end of the event... Mod Edit
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    sarkis tech would have been nice, do hope they do more with neutrals
     upgrade logistics were pretty needed for how long the upgrade times for gen 4 are, 

    feels counter-intuitive to ask kixeye to post to their forums then wave off them asking for survey responses as soon as they do something though, especially since they have discord as a convenience and not as a full replacement, in fact they've got a full channel which almost exclusively links to forum posts.

    and at 23 minutes in you mention how they keep saying surveys...you think the might be because thats literally the subject of the post?

    Do agree with the curveballs in defense bases though, especially if they've got some new enemy units in them like the red lokust event where they introduced the boss defensively and you had to defeat it there first.
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