New t9 faction with hulls, weapons, and mechanics

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T9- new faction- O.R.I.O.N. (origin research in integration of outsider navigation)
Vega research division combining maurader and umbra tech for armor and pharmakon phasing for shields, as well as new weaponry never seen before, these O.R.I.O.N. hulls are beasts in combat.

-Need 1 "power core" to build or repair (if completely destroyed)
-can be obtained by defeating O.R.I.O.N. ships in combat

Stardust cruiser
Stingray cutter
Nightshade destroyer(ranger)
Starling battlecruiser
Patron battleship
Wren specialist(same firing arc as suppressor)
Forager frigate(fighter)
Malevolence carrier
-can use one spawn ship


-ablaptive resurgence regeneration armor
--damage dealt gives instant repair to ship like ablaptive shielding, but to armor instead of shields
--extremely slow damage to health ratio
---maybe 1/1000 damage dealt is given back to health

--similar to pharmakon phasing
---can shoot and be hit, extremely high speed boost
---no pooling
---when depleted, partially regenerates if a final blow is landed on an enemy

--when a O.R.I.O.N. ship is destroyed, its power core is salvaged by the enemy
--1 needed to build O.R.I.O.N. ships
---carrier requires 3
--can be farmed with ai enemies at a lower rate(75% chance per ship instead of 100% for player ships)
---would give more meaning to keeping a single ship alive instead of worrying only about winning or losing a battle

-human look
-similar to rebel with carrier being similar shape to javelin jumpship
-contrails of red energy from thrusters
-forager looks like a jet
-malevolence looks like a punisher cruiser but symmetrical and longer and larger scale

Vega processing complex
-coop bases with normal defences and buildings that summon spawn ships like the myrs or zealots
--once beaten opens a survival mode for 30 minutes for anyone on planet
---will periodically summon O.R.I.O.N. ships increasing number and difficulty over time
----summoned via either a wormhole like figure or by jumping in (like spawning for normal battles)
----blueprint pieces for weapons or hulls
-----one blueprint piece every 5 waves
----one core per round (O.R.I.O.N. ships wont drop cores in survival)

-malicious intent
--battleship only (t9+)
--base damage type plasma
--stasis 100%-0%
--0-5000m range
--damage and stasis lowered by 10% every 500m
--(level 1)1000 dps
fires an arc that gets larger parallel to the ship but weaker the farther it gets

-(element) malice
--spawned ship
--Malevolence only
--zealot and myr combination
---ranged with nebula formed after death of whatever element it is
--1000 dps (no level 2)
--only reusable item (no blueprint) obtained in events
Can be converted to any element

-Spark missiles
--explosive (can be crafted to xeno blight or plasma)
--all O.R.I.O.N.
--range 3500m to 5000m
--(level 1) 1000 dps
--500m radius
Single shot missile with high damage and no spread, pierces and can be converted to xeno, blight, or plasma

-is a vega research devision
-hostile to all outsiders such as umbra or altarians
-willing to ally with rebels to push the outsiders out

Please let me know your thoughts and like this if you like it

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    Ok. The altarian fighter... orion... okay coincidence. Weapon that comes with it... horde cannon... survival horde mode to obtain power cores... ok maybe they read it. BUT 3 TIMES! The azide mine is exactly like the weapon in my post (malicious intent(not the best name ik)) BUT STILL thank you for reading this and using pieces, whether insignificant names or entire weapons. Yall made my day!

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