4CJR Recruitment Thread

Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson
Potential Threat
Joined Jul 2015 Posts: 41
Greetings Pirates,

4CJR is currently recruiting members. Level isn't important, only activity. We officers and higher levels, help the low levels grow, help with resources, like Base parts, Uranium and Titanium. We also help as much as we can in events like the month raids. Offer tips to players who are growing and learning the game. We promote those who work hard and help the alliance as a whole. We of the older alli's in the game. 7 Years 4CJR has been strong and kept the loyalty of players. Many been with us since the beginning. We are very laid back and have very few rules. 
First and foremost, have fun. Enjoy the game and your teammates. Holler if interested. Please leave, Name and level. Again, level isn't important, but we do like to know your level lol. 
  • Randy Lucas
    Randy Lucas
    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 7
    Hi I am getting back into the game and I am looking for a good alliance.  I am a daily player with more time playing Monday through Wednesday. How can I get an invite?
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