cant get the prizes as taken back when game reset

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Good Afternoon,

Today i have claimed on prize pool 3  the gale defense system II

on prize pool 4 i have claimed   hyper -ID installation x2

and the missile defense system 1 x3

It says i owned these items, when you reset the game tomorrow night i will no longer own them

This is the problem ...and i cant put a ticket in as i havent paid enough money to them :(


  • LadyAvenger
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    All of these items are limited, so yes, it resets with the mission every week. You can find them in your intelligence lab under limited blue prints. There you can see the limited weapons, specials, armors, hulls, and shards you have.
  • TheRedDwarfJMC
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    Evening pirate! 

    You will still own these items purchased, and will be will able to equip them up to the amount you purchased and no more.

    You can find them by clicking on the drop down arrow in the top right corner in base mode and selecting the "limited blueprints" tab, a window will show up containing all the limited items you own along with the quantifiable amount you own.

    Good luck!
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