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Support has ended for Windows 7 and will end for Windows 10 in a couple of years. With Windows 11 coming this year older equipment (and some newer) can struggle with Windows . In addition the lack of control with Windows 10 is a big problem for on lne gaming. Just as you are in that important bit in the game Windows decides to update!
Steam have developed a way for some Linux Operating Systems to play Windows games.  I have tested this for Vega conflict and have to say that the game runs at least as good as in Windows.  In fact the graphics are a bit sharper.
A computer running Linux should be better than running Windows.  Linux uses far less resources.
So here is a guide on how to run Vega Conflict, and according to Steam most Windows based games, on Linux.

There are two Linux operating systems that I know work ok.  Linux Mint and the system Linux Mint is based on Ununtu.

I chose Linux Mint (Mate) 64 bit because the GUI - what you see on screen - is very similar to Windows 7. Google Linux Mint and choose latest version of Mint (Mate) 64bit

First step is to download the ISO file, then burn a DVD or make a live USB.
Use a spare hard drive of at least 120 GB - do not overwrite your Windows disc.

Once it has all loaded and your compuer is running Linux Mint, google Steam website and log in to your account. Download Steam. Exit the website and log in on the Steam client. Or load Steam via Software Manager.  
You will see the familiar Steam page you are used to.

Next find the avatar on the left for Vega Conflict

Right click to see PROPERTIES

Choose Latest Proton (it will update itself anyrate)

Click again on Vega Conflict, it should download game client and DirextX to your computer

 Once it is all finished click to play Vega Conflict! :)
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