think about winning res and medals by hitting bases

Baumann Bau-Spenglerei
Baumann Bau-Spenglerei
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Is it logically that when you hit a base and you make more then 50% damage, op is not destroyed but you loose your whole fleet you still gain Res. and medals?? in my opinion if your fleet sinks you lost all (like interceptors). Kix think about this!!
  • Samost
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    Agreed!! Good point.
  • D'Steel
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    Don't matter what U think, ThiS game isn't about YOU. Lol

  • Diablos Revenge
    Diablos Revenge
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    100% agreed. I do not consider my hits a win unless they are either 100% dead or my flts are still alive and time ran out but they 75% and ops dead. pisses me off when some pos hits my base, gets 50% and sunk and I lose medals. 
    Sincerely, King Focker His Royal Heiness to you peons.

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