pop up issue in bp

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just saying 

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    To save everyone 5 minutes of their lives. There is a 51 second intro, then he talks - nothing really important - then he shows a video clip of him "smashing" a prepped base, and then there are 51 seconds of credits. Yes, he had a pop up during his battle - but this does nothing to add to the conversation. Its not even in the thread complaining about the pop-up issue! There is no build offered, or strategy suggested - its a weak attempt at a brag-post (look at me I smash base) and to plug his channel. 

    A screenshot of the pop-up during battle would have sufficed and probably would be more effective, considering the community is already wary of your spam. See, that is what happens when you spam your videos - one day, you might say something informative or helpful but people have already been disappointed so many times, they won't bother clicking...  

    To the point you might have been trying to make - the pop-ups during bounty are excessive and pop-ups happening during a battle is just unacceptable. 
    I have a hard time believing that we are dealing with a company that is brilliantly scamming us AND entirely incompetent. 

    This is a private company in a capitalist market trying to make money - your money. Give it to them, or don't - but don't fault them for trying. 
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